Twenty8 is one of Melbourne's first environmentally sensitive commercial buildings and continues to push boundaries. Twenty8's environmentally sustainable design will assist in creating a best practice working environment whilst minimising the environmental impact of the workplace on the world at large.

In the area of energy efficiency, the building owners and dedicated building management team strives to provide the highest standards of efficiency and performance testing new products and technologies to assist in improving energy efficiency. In the area of waste management and reduction, the building owners and dedicated building management team recognises and work towards daily goals in conjunction with our tenants using a multi-stream system and with suppliers to minimise the amount of waste generated at our development sites a general aim of ensuring a high level of waste is directed away from landfill.

Sustainability at Twenty8:
- Designed to achieve a 4 Star Green Star 
   Rating under the GBCA Scheme
- Designed to achieve a 4.5 Star rating
   under the Australian Building Greenhouse
   Rating Scheme.
   Currently exceeding sustainability design.
- Potable water recycling
- Energy efficient T5 light fittings with
   dimming sensors and C-BUS technology
- High performance, double glazed Low
   'E' facade
- 600mm high spandrels to the east and
   west elevations to minimise solar loadings
- Recycled content in steel and concrete 
   used in construction
- Reduced greenhouse emissions.
- BEEC Certified

To view the Building Energy Efficency Certificate - click here.

Twenty8 Freshwater Place owned by:

logo JP Morgan Asset Management

Twenty8 Freshwater Place managed by:

logo Jones Lang LaSalle
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